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USB Racing Wheel .me1

This app fully replaces a USB steering wheel.

To use it, a USB dongle has to be purchased and plugged into the PC.
The USB dongle can be purchased at Amazon or ordered from us by e-mail.
The price is $ 43,- without shipping costs.

The connection from the Android device to the USB dongle is done through Bluetooth.
Go to the product on Amazon: Amazon Logo
Inquiries by e-mail: info@dirtyHand.me

System requirements phone/tablet:

System requirements on the PC:

Supported games:
All games that can be controlled by a gamepad or steering wheel are supported.
The following games were extensively tested:

usb steering wheel

game control

Technical data of the USB dongle:

Installation instructions:
1. Plug the USB dongle into the PC (it will be recognized immediately – no driver is necessary)
2. Start this app (the app connects automatically to the dongle via Bluetooth)
3. Configure the steering wheel in the game that’s being played (see video instruction): dirtyHand.me - Game Configuration for USB Steering Wheel)
Support in English at: info@dirtyHand.me
Video - USB Racing Wheel .me1:   (video with english & german subtitle)



Links to the App store sides:

Android Google Play Logo
Android Google Play Steeringwheel Dongle QR





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