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Steering Wheel

Innovation: Steering wheel for PC games

Control your racing game by turning the smartphone or tablet. Accelerate, brake, switch gears with simple gestures. Use assigned keys for special functions of your game.

New steering experience through duty cycle control!

Both DirectX games and online games as well as conventional PC games are supported.

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Unlike with conventional steering wheels, nothing has to be configured in the game itself. No driver is necessary.

We support the following games with predefined layouts at present:

If your game is not listed, please compare even if the layout of another game is suitable. The key assignment of each game can be looked up in the:   --> "manual Steering Wheel"
There is an additional layout for online games that allows for the control of browser games as well.

The steering is done by turning the "Android", O.K..

You have the option of accelerating and braking digitally by pressing the display with the right or left thumb.

throttle/brake digitally

throttle/brake by thumb pressure

Furthermore, there is the option of analog control by moving a controller with the right thumb.

If both the user and the game know how to switch gears manually, it is done by swiping up and down with the left thumb.

throttle/brake & gearshift analog

speed & gear switch by slider

The view direction can be changed with special gestures.

change view

change view direction

Other special functions, e.g. hand brake, shooting, camera change, Nitro, etc., can be triggered by specially assigned keys.


special functions

Always test the volume keys of your smartphone. They have been set differently for some games, e.g. instructions of the copilot louder/softer, call for help after an accident, etc..

Steering Wheel

assignment of volume keys

Before the purchase, you have the opportunity to test the connection and function of the app by installing the free demo app:    --> Steering Wheel Demo App
Video - Steering Wheel App :    (video with english & german subtitle)


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