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We provide a range of accessibility tools for the PC via the smartphone.
Tastatur und Handys mit DHK

In many programs, useful functions are hidden behind complicated shortcuts.
E.g. Ctr. + shift key + ESC directly opens the task manager in Windows.
Can you manage this combination under 5 seconds?
With our apps it works with just one keystroke.


The idea behind it is to furnish an additional input device to the not dominant hand, through which certain programs are more easily controllable by keystroke or gestures. You can chose from an entire pool of apps in order to operate efficiently the application you activated.
Bildschirm, Tastatur und Smartphone mit DHK

A Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7) with WLAN/WiFi and an Android Smartphone
or Windows Phone 7 are required for the operation at present.


Why "Dirty Hand"?

The name "dirty hand" emerged from what used to be said to children when they used the "wrong" (left) hand, i.e. the "dirty hand". We are using it in a positive sense by opening up new fields of activity for the not dominant hand.
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